Analecta Archaeologica Ressoviensia


Ana­lecta Archa­eolo­gica Res­so­viensia — tom 1


Marta Połto­wicz — The Eastern Bor­ders of the Mag­da­le­nian Cul­ture Range

Maciej Dębiec — Tery­to­rium eks­plo­ato­wane przez lud­ność osady kul­tu­rowej cera­miki wstępnej rytej w Łańcucie, stan. 3, woj. podkarpackie

Andrzej Peli­siak, Mał­go­rzata Rybicka — The Annu­ally Lami­nated Bottom Sedi­ments of Lake Gościąż and Neo­li­thic Set­tle­ments in the Western Part of Gostynin Lake District (Cen­tral Poland). An Outline

Andrzej Peli­siak — The Explo­ita­tion and Distri­bu­tion of Flints From the Cen­tral Part of Polish Jura in the Late Neo­li­thic Times

Alek­sander Dzbyński — Die Größe zählt. Über einigen metri­schen Eigen­scha­ften der schnur­ke­ra­mi­schen Amphoren aus Böhmen

Syl­we­ster Czopek — Czas użyt­ko­wania cmen­trzysk tar­no­brze­skiej kul­tury łużyc­kiej — moż­li­wości inter­pre­ta­cyjne i uwagi dyskusyjne

Maciej Kar­wowski — Major Questions Con­cer­ning Celtic Glass from the Eastern Regions of the La Tene Culture

Tomasz Bochnak — Early Cir­culr Umbones of the Prze­worsk Cul­ture. The Role of Local Tra­di­tion and Celtic Infu­ences on the Diver­sity of Metal Parts of Shield at the Begin­ning of the Late Pre-Roman Period

Iwona Flor­kie­wicz — Ele­menty dackie w kul­turze prze­wor­skiej we wcze­snym okresie wpływów rzymskich

Piotr Ber­dowski — Garum of Herod the Great

Marcin Woło­szyn — Byzan­tine Archa­eology — selected problems

Marek Jan Olbrycht — David Braund (ed.), Scy­thians and Greeks. Cul­tural Inte­rac­tions in Scy­thia, Athens and the Early Roman Empire (sixth cen­tury BC — first cen­tury AD), Exeter 2005, Uni­ver­sity of Exeter Press, 256 pp. (ISBN 0 85989 746 X)

Ana­lecta Archa­eolo­gica Res­so­viensia — tom 2


Alek­sander Dzbyński — Swiss Neo­li­thic Copper Beads Revi­sited: Cur­rency, Orna­ment or Pre­stige Item? New Evi­dence of the Metrol­gical Con­cept in Pre­hi­storic Europe

Andrzej Peli­siak — The Funnel Beaker Cul­ture Set­tle­ments Com­pared with Other Neo­li­thic Cul­tures in the Upper and Middle Part of the Dni­ster Basin. Selected Issues. State of the Research

Mał­go­rzata Rybicka — The Spa­tial Orga­ni­za­tion of the Funnel Beaker Set­tle­ment in th Gostynin Lake District

Justyna Baron — Intra-Site Ana­lysis at Bronze Age Set­tle­ments in SW Poland

Lucyna Samek, Maciej Kar­wowski, Syl­we­ster Czopek, Jerzy Osta­cho­wicz, Zdzi­sław Stę­gowski — Ana­lysis of Glass Beads From the Graces of the Tar­no­brzeg Lusa­tian in Jasionka and Gro­dzisko Dolne Employing the X-ray Flu­ore­scence Method

Marek Verčík — Die ger­ma­ni­sche Bewaf­f­nung der älteren römi­schen Kaise­rzeit aus dem Gebiet der südwe­stli­chen Slowakei

Joanna Trabska, Bar­bara Try­balska — Micro­struc­ture of Histo­rical Lime and Lime — Hydraulic Mor­tars: from Set­ting to Corrosion

Joanna Trąbska, Mał­go­rzata Winiarska-Kabacińska,Brbara Try­balska — Expe­ri­mental Skin Pro­ces­sing with Fer­ru­gi­nous Mate­rials. Macro– and Microproperties

Renata Zych — Seweryn Rze­pecki, Spo­łecz­ności środ­ko­wo­ne­oli­tycznej kul­tury pucharów lej­ko­wa­tych na Kuja­wach [Com­mu­ni­ties of the Middle Neo­li­thic TRB Cul­ture in Kujawy], Poznań 2004, 235 pages, 61 figures, 22 tables in the text

Ana­lecta Archa­eolo­gica Res­so­viensia — tom 3


Artur Jedynak (Ostro­wiec Świę­to­krzyski), Kamil Kaptur (Ostro­wiec Świę­to­krzyski) — Archaeological-consevator's worsk in Krze­mionki near Ostro­wiec Świę­to­krzyski in 2008– mine 824,Great Cham­bers area

Maria Fajer (Sosno­wiec), Edel­garda M. Foltyn (Kato­wice), Euge­niusz Foltyn (Kato­wice), Wło­dzi­mierz Paweł­czyk (Sosno­wiec), Jan Maciej Waga (Sosno­wiec) — Site of older phase of the Middle Pale­oli­thic at Sam­bo­ro­wice (Upper Silesia)

Maciej Dębiec (Rze­szów), Andrzej Peli­siak (Rze­szów) — The first14C dates for Malice cul­ture arte­facts. Rze­szów, site 31

Marek Florek (Lublin) — Issues con­cer­ning the exi­stence and func­tions of the so-called great kur­gans in Mało­polska in early phases of the Early Middle Ages

Marek Florek (Lublin), Tadeusz Wiśniewski (Lublin) — Fun­nel­be­aker Cul­ture arti­facts from the set­tle­ment in Mozgawa, Piń­czów Com­mune, Świę­to­krzy­skie Province

Piotr Ber­dowski (Rze­szów) — Roman Busi­nesswomen. I: The case of the pro­du­cers and distry­bu­tors of gorum in Pompeii

Syl­we­ster Czopek (Rze­szów) — Aus den For­schungen uber die Trzciniec-Kultur in der Rzeszów-Umgebung

Sylwia Cygan (Rze­szów) — (Rez.) Roman Gra­bolle, Die fruh­mit­te­lal­ter­liche Burg auf dem Johan­nis­berg bei Jena — Lobeda im Kon­text der Besie­dlung des mit­tleren Saale­tals, Jenaer Schri­ften zur Vor– und Fruh­ge­schichte Band 3, Beier&Beran. Archa­olo­gi­sche Fachli­te­ratur, Jena-Langenweissbach 2007, S. 125, 32 Tafeln, 20 Abbil­dungen im Text, 1 Anhang mit Abbildungen

Sła­womir Kadrow (Rze­szów) — Gender-differentiated burial rites in Europe of the 5th and 4th mil­lennia BC: attempts at tra­di­tional archa­eolo­gical interpretation)

Tadeusz Mali­nowski (Poznań) — (Rez.) Danuta Pio­trowska, Pro­le­go­mena do arche­ologii Bisku­pina. Tom I. Biblio­grafia arche­olo­giczna Bisku­pina 1933–1983, War­szawa 2008; 464 Seiten, 13 Abbil­dungen (Pro­le­go­mena zur Archa­ologie von Bikupin. Band I. Archa­olo­gi­sche Biblio­gra­phie von Biskupin 1933–1983, War­scahu 2008, 464 Seiten, 13 Abbildungen)

Thomas Saile (Göt­tingen) — Early Salt-Making in Cen­tral Europe: Pat­terns of Salt Pro­duc­tion and Trade in the Neolithic

Ana­lecta Archa­eolo­gica Res­so­viensia — tom 6


Sła­womir Kadrow Power and Autho­rity in Pre­hi­story and the Pro­blem of Inter­di­sci­pli­nary Archa­eolo­gical Studies

Beata Golińska The Role of Archa­eolo­gical and Ethno-Historical Sources in the Study of Pre­hi­storic Amazonia

Agata Nijander-Dudzińska, Dariusz Woja­kowski Local Govern­ment – From the “Small State” to the Social Field

Jerzy Jestal The Con­cept of Ritual in Socio­logy and other Social Sciences

Jacek Gądecki Wal­king as a Way of Expe­rien­cing Eve­ryday Space

Maria Godyń The Indi­vi­dual – the Space – the Memory: an Eth­no­lo­gical Study of Ter­ri­to­rial Iden­ti­fi­ca­tion of the Relo­cated Com­mu­nity of Maniowy Village

Marta Połtowicz-Bobak Space in Archa­eolo­gical Rese­arch – Methods of Reading and Inter­pre­ta­tion. An Outline of the Issue

Ewa Baniowska-Kopacz Exchange Theory in the Light of Coope­ra­tion and Mutual Assistance

Syl­we­ster Czopek Cul­tural Change from the Per­spec­tive of Cultural-Historical Archaeology

Jacek Górski, Prze­my­sław Maka­ro­wicz Envi­ron­mental Deter­mi­na­tion and the Deve­lop­ment of Trzci­niec Cul­tural Circle Set­tle­ment in the Oder and Vistula River Catchments

Andriy Bar­det­skiy (review) E. A. Kra­vchenko. Kizil-kobinska kul­tura u Zakhid­nomu Krimu. Kyiv, Luck: IA NAN Ukrainy 2011; 272 pp. 196 figures

Olek­sandr Dia­chenko, Taras Mylian XXXVIII Report Con­fe­rence „Archa­eolo­gical Rese­ar­ches in Southeast Poland, West Ukraine and North Slo­vakia in 2011”, Rze­szów, 20–21 March 2012

Ana­lecta Archa­eolo­gica Res­so­viensia — tom 7

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Od Redakcji

Archa­eology in a town, a town in archa­eology. Selected issues of archa­eolo­gical rese­arch of histo­rical towns

The city as a "pro­mise of ever new disco­ve­ries" in the con­text of re-socialized archa­eology and through the prism of second degree archaeology

Archa­eolo­gical exa­mi­na­tion of medieval towns in Bohemia (An ove­rview by an archaeologist)

The trans­for­ma­tion of the town Cho­mutov, its com­mand post, for­ti­fi­ca­tions and castle in the Middle Ages and the early Modern period

The set­tle­ment of Kraków before the set­tle­ment charter

Some remarks on early medieval chur­ches in Kraków

The geo­gra­phical foun­da­tions of cul­tural iden­tity in con­tem­po­rary Lublin

Buil­ding plots under the Old The­atre in Lublin: an example of late medieval and modern buil­ding development

Das mit­te­lal­ter­liche Chełm im Lichte archa­olo­gi­scher Quellen

The urban deve­lop­ment of Kazi­mierz Dolny in the Middle Ages from docu­men­ta­ryand archa­eolo­gical sources

Rudnik on the San: spa­tial arran­ge­ment and changes in town topo­graphy from the mid-sixteenth to late nine­te­enth century

The histo­rical deve­lop­ment of Końskowola

Fran­zi­ska­ne­rinnen im Stad­traum von Zamość im 17. Jh., im Lichte der archäo­lo­gisch– histo­risch– kar­to­gra­phi­schen Forschungen

(rec.) Alina Jaszewska (red.), Wicina. Katalog zabytków metalowych.


Mrs Jadzia – that sounds proud!

An inte­rview of Jadwiga Teodorowicz-Czerepińska (J.T.Cz.) by Dr Jan Gurba (J.G.)

Ana­lecta Archa­eolo­gica Res­so­viensia — tom 8







Table of contents

Editor's note. Od Redakcji

Alek­sander Bobko Phi­lo­so­phical reflec­tions on death

Anita Szcze­panek, Paweł Jarosz The biri­tual ceme­tery of the Bronze Age from Opatow site 1, Kło­buck distr., Śląskie voiv. – the study of the funeral customs

Seweryn Rze­pecki “Invi­sible tombs”. From the rese­arch on fune­rary rituals of com­mu­ni­ties with funnel beakers

Jacek Górski The oldest graves of the Trzci­niec culture

Vla­dimír Mitáš, Václav Fur­mánek Grave Arran­ge­ments and Con­struc­tions of the Western Enc­lave of the South-eastern Urn­field Cul­tures from the Per­spec­tive of the Burial Ground at Radzovce (Slovakia)

Jan Dąbrowski Beitrage zur For­schungen Lau­sitzer Brauchtums

Marek Půlpán, Agnieszka Resz­czyńska Chamber graves of the Bylany cul­ture (Ha C – Ha D1) in north-western Bohemia

Andrzej Mierz­wiński The com­mu­ni­ca­tive aspect of burial mound sym­bo­lism. A com­men­tary to Homer’s accounts

Leszek Gar­deła ‘Warrior-women’ in Viking Age Scan­di­navia A pre­li­mi­nary archa­eolo­gical study

Dariusz Błasz­czyk Chan­ging archa­eolo­gical para­digms and the inter­pre­ta­tion of cemeteries

Tadeusz Mali­nowski Einige Bemer­kungen zu musi­kar­chäo­lo­gi­schen Fragen. (Rez.) Anna Gruszczyńska-Ziółkowska, Per­spek­tywy pol­skich badań arche­omu­zy­ko­lo­gicz­nych. Polski Rocznik Muzy­ko­lo­giczny 10 2012, 23–43

Alek­sandr Dia­chenko (review) A. Korvin-Piotrovskiy, F. Menotti (eds.), Tri­polye Cul­ture in Ukraine the Giant-Settlement of Talianki. Kiev 2008 Insti­tute of Archa­eology of the National Aca­demy of Sciences of Ukraine

Halyna Pana­khyd XXIX Inter­na­tional Archa­eolo­gical Con­fe­rence in Rze­szow “Archa­eolo­gical rese­arch in south-eastern Poland, Ukraine and nor­thern Slovakia”(23–24 April, Rze­szow, Poland)

Ana­lecta Archa­eolo­gica Res­so­viensia — tom 9







Table of con­tents & Editor's note

Kata­rzyna Piąt­kowska — Co-evolution of the upper limbs of early homi­nids and the ori­gins of stonecraft

Alek­sandra Kuczyńska-Zonik — Gra­vet­tian Ceramic Firing Tech­ni­ques in Cen­tral and Eastern Europe

Seweryn Rze­pecki — Two water wells of the LBK cul­ture from the north part of the site of Kru­szyn 3/10, Wło­cławek commune

Joannna Nowak — Stone arte­facts made of amphi­bo­lite from the set­tle­ment of the Linear Band Pot­tery cul­ture at the site 22 in Świlcza (com. Świlcza), in the con­text of the set­tle­ment network in the area of Rzeszów

Andrzej Gac­kowski and Marcin Bia­ło­war­czuk — Set­tle­ment of Danu­bian cul­tures in the area of Świecie Plateau

Sta­ni­sław Wilk — An elite burial from the Copper Age: Grave 8 at the ceme­tery of the Lublin-Volhynian cul­ture at Site 2 in Książ­nice, the Świę­to­krzy­skie province

Anita Szcze­panek — An anth­ro­po­lo­gical ana­lysis of a ske­leton from the Lublin-Wołyń cul­ture grave in Książ­nice, site 2, the com­mune of Pacanów, Świę­to­krzy­skie voivodeship

Danuta Makowicz-Poliszot — Animal bone mate­rial from Lublin-Volhynia Grave 8 at Site 2 in Książ­nice, the Pacanów com­mune, Świę­to­krzy­skie voivodeship

Natalya Skakun, Vera Tere­khina and Elena Tsvek — The main stages of the history of rese­arch of the western area of the Try­pil­lian culture

Wero­nika Skrzy­niecka — The pro­blem of horse dome­sti­ca­tion. Selected issues

Mag­da­lena H. Rusek — The deve­lop­ment of society. The Maya state in the Pre-Classic period (1800 BC – 200 AD)

Halyna Pana­khyd — “Thirty years have passed …”. Jubilee Rze­szów Archa­eolo­gical Conference